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April 11, 2014
Feeling duped, ca,and still. Flakes are free falling unto this techi shite, and all is fine.

Realise. Awake!
Enlighten. this . 
ca,and That
a bag of chips ,
virtual sNOW
.Yes! no?

April 9,14

I won't let hurt feelings get in the way of seeing the truth. Truth stings.

It's a sociopathic self-deprecating world of sadomasochistic humans playing God 

his ego slaves master none, burning all everything everyone everywhere 

at hers-his ego's slap of the feet, one foot 

poison must leave. excrete, enjoy, effulgence, eternal, anirt 

clapping, clamping, constricting, contracting, consuming, consummating, suffering, bliss, 



sit square sivanatraja
om hreeem kleeeng 
om swaha
om shiva om shivaya
om shivoham
shivoham shivoham


When I raised the Kundalini in September of 1977 in a partial awakening, it took me three months to readjust my sensory perception, which was nothing less than complete insanity. My cerebral column was not properly prepared to raise this molten substance of life introvertly, and subsequently, the only thing that kept me from taking my own life was an intuitive guidance which pulled me out of this mental fiery hell. ~Dacajewiah~STS~


 it's all just happening. be happy, no worries. all I do is listen. I hear you. nothing wrong in witnessing . whether facebooking, real-life-ing, holding one closely, deactivating, burning, ditching, ignoring, deleting, grounding, de-friending, loving, letting go, or blocking ...still I travel with you. I see you. I feel you. I am forever all ways always with you. I am not you and I am never everywhere . and it's all good at the feet and shit comes with . only love and all love alone. aum mn



Om I bow to Fire. Yes we had a visit O'Fire, Wind. Love, Light Beyond all senses, a witness to create, maintain, destroy to rejoice in that constant burn, dwelling in That 'I-Am'ness of Supreme ambrosial bliss. Grace! ~ Infinite immense gratitude. Om Namah Shivaya Hreem modisye pitrinam Agni Arunachaleshwarya tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardaanan myrtor mukshiy aamritaat. namaha...Om Swaha.


शिवोऽहम् शिवोऽहम् ।। Ψ Shivoham! Shivoham! blog by Tri-Kav Trina-Agni Pitrinam Grass-Fire From the Ancestors Ψ


soaking up the sun. beyond all sense of everything, there is nothing. none but one. consciousness. knowing nothing. as he is the witness that I serve.. words.. garrulous gossamer bonds.. bleh. they mean nothing.


.. ..

Now and Here, I Come out of nowhere. Left mind-body flails Intense energy falling into spontaneous spasms O' tangled suffering-bliss. Right body-mind holds ground oblivious to pure Grace. I believe self I breathe thee Self One concentrated point, an Intense focus reaching holding releasing sacred breath-fluid Holy Spirit I am leaping out of prison body- mind while still Holding That One resounding Eternal Effulgent ground. There is only Light here and now we are melting spontaneous puddle of infinite bliss beyond any body, any mind, anyone Everything! That Is All One, at The foot-the Self. Within thee washing over That holy whole vibration echoing sound O' chakra holes July 2/3,2013 Trina Kavanagh / Alicia Kay, Attica Jai / Trina-Agni Pitrinam / Grass on Fire consumed quickly, from the Ancestors / Shakti Arunachala Shiva Heart


whether you are You, or you are Me, we are We, I see all, all ways then, and yet to be, always Is, simply Now, Here. Be. ing . statutes give me, us headaches. our connections are not here to make things easy. we  teach, guide, mother. there are no others, no difference, no diversity. one humanity. . whatever strange things may appear to happen, whatever wordy words may fall from this that is. all is mortally, merely simply put, with no mind, small thoughts, not meant to be understood, only to be, or not to be, yet all shall be.. eventually, . spring to source, individual experience, truly known to know true. look within, see the Self, your own self in everyone, everything everywhere. Seeing self, fearing God, feeling you, knowing Self, no others, with no regret, no hesitation, no worry.. No Fear! Ma Sucah!. Simply.Within, without. breathe in, out. Be ing breath. Breathe, simply Be.. om shiva om shiva om Shivoham.. faith, hope, and love abide. greatest of these is Love . nEver allWays fnFb, lala,tri,shiv


Shiva Lingam is the Seed

holds all peace and power

inert and effulgent,
still and moving, 
comfort and bliss

Guru is within
Now Here, 
look no further.

lay it all upon the lap, 
at the Foot, enPadam 
Aruna chala! Look 

Shiva linga always rises 
to suit any occasion
Be Self .be love. 
I Love you,am You

 Om Jai Namo 
Arunachaleshwara Shiva Ramanaya! 
Peace! Aum Shanthi! 

linga rests to cheek
under one pillows, 
within One Heart

tears immersed 
 yoni open heart
linga absorbed



Waaah We One . no words, no forms, no names, 
we are infinitely writing without doing, touching 
with no touching; absorbed, engraved, eternally 
being writ upon That One Effulgent Flowing Nectar 
Oh Bliss mm' Ambrosial Heart

All Is Only Right Here Now 
Pure Perfect Truth 
of Present Awareness
I Adore, Love, Miss
Am You All Shiva
Feel to close me eyes 
to Everything Everyone
for a wee bit of a while,
Timeless in Time, 
Waah ca,and Whee!

I adore Shiva. 
All 'my' children. I love Mac,me 
dog rather unconditional for we 
are always true and we have never lied to one another. 

he  feels sorry, even feigns compassion
perhaps (who is to say, it is not? hah), 
when he has done absolutely nothing 
to warrant that judgement .condemnation

he appears with great gusto
to exhibit gratitude, uninhibited joy in thanks 
when I have given nothing 
but my present witness to his fervent play. 

I adore Agni Fire. 
Am Arunachala Kartikka Deepam 
crying laughing burning tears of truth. 
tears dissappate and absorb 
remaining truth alone seeing world spin round unaware. 

I sway. I bliss. 
pained pure painted to numbed electric burn 
pleasured tears open ing Shakti
Shiva Self Sounds Sacred Self 
Shivoham I Am That Self Alone All One 

life events flowing flaming be ing both burn ing and breath leading to death 
eternal yummy yoni luscious lingam leela born to life to live to die to death to birth to life to live .. .. 

Aum namo Jai Sat chithanada roopa Shivanataraja Aum 


It is so .
So, it , 

why worry
whyworry? So?
So?no worries
noworries nowhere
ma suka now here.AUM!Shiva!Shiva 


a Jnani is as jnani knows. nothing remains for world. a pure natural spontaneous action of devotion. not merely for human consumption, not to be understood by any other. I have Been One with You and All, Now Here, All ways Always Shall Be. Nowhere to go that is not That.. never suspect.. come home OM! ah crawl on up home.. a flowing loose burka, a womb of skinny white ma .. a brown girl in the rain.. a way to annoy, ah piss on everyone and everything off.. we know and hold everything.. gratitude. One. AlOne be safe, One,Love all


I once was
writing here as pitrinam at google
had added many authors and friends to contribute until
suddenly trina-Agni grass on Fire consumed it all away
in a quick spontaneous action and
now Shiva sounds that
I am here once
to begin again.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Wait. Relax. hahah simply Be
 Shankara! !! Boom Boom! Bang Bang!
Sssh. Stop! Aum Shanthi SHAKTI MA!

more, more? No! .. Love, Shanthi. Just Be!
Be and Breathe. Breathe IN and OUT
breathe IN and pause Breathe IN and
Ca pause STOP and hold and go
as in life and Love and Death and Breath
is as orgasm more desire ing lingam yonis

Am Blessed! Am Blissed!
Self Oh All Breath all Love grace lila
All Shiva All Love One Alone

Ishwara smites 
thee! This 'timeless 
in time' sunrise, as I pull 
the covers from the sad 
mad world I get hit 
in the nose. 
"fn did not!" it silent
lila screams 
with full force, 
hence smitten to 
punch another space 
in the wall 
of too many 
holy holes.



I Am Consciousness, Bliss 
o'bountiful blasts, O' BEyond 'me'  
 merrily we are merely One
's 'Shit' to Form as One Sees fit  
 cognitive mind, No mind . 
ego feels, the Self Is.  
 lost is, within the whole. 
outside of, nor nothing 
inside, neither. 
 No box. 
beyond box itself. 
no idea. no words. no thought.  
doing this and That, and hardly Ever, 
appropriate .  to express, 
to begin to speak about 
That Is.  I Am 
Consciousness, Bliss 
o'bountiful blasts, O' BEyond 'me' 


oops, I mean good morning . sorry, for any inappropriateness . 
going over another winter's edge.. 
into isolated deep snow bank of oblivion into supreme hibernation.. 
mm monkey mind.. what is with all this,that 
chaotic kerfuffle .

That shall not Remain! 
it is so,too easy to simply be, naturally be 
with,as whatever happens to be.. 
All Is.
. beyond Coming and Death.
Mmm Shanthi! there Is only Peace!
,See all as Self.. no veils. Self seeing Self. 
Self being Self. Self serving Self. 
Yes. That! SO Good. no mind ,me . adore the Self


Agni shall singe the Third-Eye
I-Infinite teeth shall eat the Breath
of His face from within
As any mere thought of
smoke is brought to kiss
any parting waiting mortal lips
It has been days, It is not missed

AUMmnAH .. sounds as good chant. OM grrrunt . Grace! 
AUMnaAH .. AUMnaAH .. AUMnaAH .. .. every body every where sounds it now and here .. 
Come now ! .. AUMnaAH .. AUMnaAH .. .. 
echo resounding revibrating Light! Love!

attached detachment to a bland intensity of all or nothing.. 
of course I am, true and natural.. rather mostly m.s.ey, 
bi and polar what else? 
I am grateful love,

' Let whatever strange things happen, happen; let us see! ' Ramana

for the shadows, darkness, and death that 
forever fall upon the mind, body, and world's way 
for without That, 
one would be unable to see that 
pure shining free bountiful ambrosial grace Everywhere everyone. 
I am blinded by the Light 
may all eyes remain fix ing to concentrate Truth.


it may be craze 
to bite that hand that feeds 
but I am stillness to madness itself 
and I get shit done .. 
feigning any sanity is merely a stagnant block


I bought an interpretation of The Noble Qur'an today. I will begin to read this sacred ancient text. I have read The New Testament, The Old Testament, The I-Ching, The Bhagavad Gita, Tripura Rahasya, Padamalai, Advaita Bodha Deepika, and any thing else that Ramana suggests and that I can get me eyes and hands on.. blaha .no reading


I dunno. who am I? I Am Everything..Trina-Agni Pitrinam .. all burns as grass on Fire, from the ancestors.

detest and require being looked after some. long to look after and some will not yet let. have got all me shit together and there is no going anywhere. have done all that I am able to do eternally finitely and both consciously unconsciously unconconditionally conditionally. There is nowhere that one may go from here. has positively become negative. 

Negate the delegate. Stop. thinking about what to do.. just do it! Make it happen. You! only a lowly human, moral mortal you alone all and one contain that true power. 


Harness it completely and devour it fully. Do not stop, go much harder, and faster; tight and right, holding nothing, touching nothing.. let it all go.. to be all that you already are. ! Surrender!

Remain right tightwithin Divine Mother's womb
Eat to never satisfy. Savouring to taste
in full your very Self. Fully devour
chew ing upon your very own tongue

Om Ψ Shiva

Always happy as it is always happenin' 
face, form, expression not always indicitive of 
feeling . 
there is only be ing

yes, sure
you bask in illusion of sanity
I shall remain bathing in absolute light 
as insane pure hard truth of pure lunacy . 

to be clear 
is not here 
with beer 
I fear 
there is no here
without that, 
only smoke in illusion

to Know 
Who I Am, 
is to Love

to not Love 
Who nor, What I Am
is to be ignorant

not Know.

to not mind, nor care, to know; 
is to remain distracted, covered in illusion, 
strict oblivion is pure ignorance, may be arrogant.

ca,and somehow that is good then too, for you, for all comes and goes, in it's good time. 

Muah.I am to absorb all. I wash none away, to fall at 'me' feet. 
I am here now in all ways always to remain eternal.

I am an inert effulgent, melt ing jelly bone puddle o'bliss.

I am blessed. I am bountiful. I am forever flowing.

I am still to remain unmoving, to absorb any without condition.

I am a perfect and peaceful and most natural chaos.

I am that immense and intense gratitude within that supreme infinite grace

of what ever god head that is, was, and forever shall be.


aum namah shivaya 
hari kali durga uma 
aum namah shivaya 
oechi eti chorney glaza 
jyrotri gamaya !!
aum namah shivaya 

aum namo bhagavate ananada jai arunachaleshwarya 
tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vaardanaam 
aum sat chit anananda roopa shivanataraja aum 
sri bhagavate ananda jai namaha 
aum swaha :||